• Things you need to know about Workout

    Things you need to know about Workout

    A lot of times people work out with the idea of losing weight. While losing weight is the point, weight should be lost the healthy way. A lot of times people tend to combine various ideas and opinions, from what they know, what they hear and what they read online and follow a combination of practices that may not always be right.

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  • Ergonomic Injuries

    Ergonomic Injuries

    Most people these days have desk jobs that require them to be seated at their desks for 8-10 hours straight. People often fail to realize how much havoc a simple desk job can create in their life. People tend to disregard a lot of simple symptoms by confusing them with symptoms of other conditions and fail to realize that they could be caused by seemingly harmless factors like sitting on a chair for prolonged hours.

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