Things you need to know about Workout
Things you need to know about Workout

Things you need to know about Workout

A lot of times people work out with the idea of losing weight. While losing weight is the point, weight should be lost the healthy way. A lot of times people tend to combine various ideas and opinions, from what they know, what they hear and what they read online and follow a combination of practices that may not always be right. A few things to keep in mind while working out are;

  • Unless you are an individual who works out regularly, do not rush into things. Take gradual steps and engage in light work outs first.
  • Make sure you warm up before and after the work out session
  • Drink plenty of water during your work out session. If you are training specifically for a marathon or so, supplement those fluids with electrolyte water.
  • Understand that your focus should not solely be on the end result. Work hard and smart towards reaching the goal, irrespective of how long it may take.
  • Listen to your body and the signs it may depict. Rigorous work out may harm the body if your body is not used to it. If you feel lethargic or weak, ensure to stop
  • Work out as per the weather conditions also, do not exert yourself much particularly during summer months in the UAE by spending too much time outdoors
  • Wear the right kind of clothing and shoes
  • If you are a beginner it is best to get consulted from a specialist to understand your body type and weight and then focus on a customized work out regime that suits your body.
  • Consume a balanced and healthy diet at all times. If you are hungry before a work out, eat a small pre-work out snack to give you the energy. However do not eat immediately after exercising and do not wait for too long either.
  • Beware of common injuries caused as a result of working out rigorously and take the necessary steps in case of need.

Now the idea of fitter  bodies have grown in popularity with a greater chunk of people moving towards eating healthy and following a healthy lifestyle by various means. Most people engage in physical work outs in order to lose excessive body weight, however this can also result in certain issues if not done properly. Most common problems that people face when working out incorrectly are;

  • Fatigue and nausea
  • Fractures
  • Body pain in particular areas
  • Abdominal pain
  • Muscle pull
  • Sprains

Neck, shoulder, ankle, foot, knee,back etc. are the most common areas that are injured during work outs. An injury can happen to anyone at any time. Hence it is important to understand the risk factors in the very beginning. If you are older in age but chose to work out, check with your Doctor as to what kind of exercises you can engage in and what not. If you have some problem areas in the body and underlying health condition, always consult with a specialist before engaging in any kind of strenuous physical activity.

In case of an injury caused during or post a work out, the first and the most important thing to do is to get right and appropriate diagnosis. In most cases, minor injuries like a twisted ankle or a sprain will heal in a couple of weeks. If it doesn’t, do not delay seeking medical help. Medications should be taken only as referred to by a healthcare professional. One must get back to working out only after complete recovery. Give your body the rest it requires.

People with problems of musculoskeletal system,especially back and knee,should be cautious regarding weight reducing exercise programmes.swimming and walking is suitable for people with back and knee problems.but always consult your doctor,and plan appropriate exercise schedule, suited for your body in case you have chronic musculoskeletal disorders.